ANZTSR works to be at the forefront of advancing knowledge about the third sector in our region. We do so by supporting, encouraging and disseminating third sector research in Australia and New Zealand.

ANZTSR is not only an indispensable professional asset for scholars, researchers and practitioners – it also promotes positive social change through the exchange of ideas, associational solidarity and advocacy.

Our Vision

To strengthen and deepen research and practice in relation to civil society and the not-for-profit sector in Australia and New Zealand by creating a vibrant, engaged and diverse network of third sector researchers.

Our Mission

The mission of ANZTSR is to become a crucial hub in the network of Australian and New Zealand third sector researchers.

In doing so, it will demonstrate the strengths of interdisciplinary research by becoming a supporter, repository, producer and disseminator of research in the field of third sector research.

To achieve our mission, we will:

  • Provide a forum for third sector researchers to engage, learn and share expertise and experience with their peers
  • Publish the Third Sector Review, the flagship Australasian refereed academic journal for cross-disciplinary research in the field
  • Support and develop early career academic and practitioner researchers by encouraging mentorship and collaboration among our members
  • Strengthen the understanding of the integral role the third sector plays in Australia and New Zealand across its many domains, including philanthropy, social welfare, social enterprise, health, disability, environment, culture and community development
  • Build links with international peer organisations, to support the contribution of third sector researchers from Australia and New Zealand to the global ecosystem of research in the field

We encourage all researchers and practitioners who share our vision to join us as a member – more information about membership and its benefits is available here.