Third Sector Review 

Virtual special issue of Third Sector Review on philanthropy for publication in December 2023

This special issue contains a curated group of articles on the topic of philanthropy (broadly defined), as previously published in Third Sector Review.  The Co-Editors of the journal have made a selection of well-recognized papers in acknowledgement of the current focus on philanthropy and giving in Australia, as evidenced through the 2023-24 Productivity Commission Inquiry into philanthropy, as well as the Australian Federal Government’s commitment to double philanthropic giving by 2030.

The papers selected are those that we consider representative of the diversity and strength of Third Sector Review and of the breadth of philanthropy research, highlighting many decades of contribution. We extend our gratitude to all the journal’s authors, reviewers and readers, as well as past Editors.

These papers will be re-published in this special issue, with each followed by a new short, reflective commentary on the paper by the original author(s) or by a noted author in their specific field.  We hope this special issue will spur greater interest in philanthropy research across the Asia-Pacific region.

2023 Volume 29 No 1 (June)

Editorial – Ian Murray

New Zealand Nonprofit Organisations’ Programme Evaluation: Responses about Regularity of Engagement Activities, Data Collection Processes, Types and Usage, and Sources of Funding – Alan J Lockyer

Volunteerism in Aotearoa New Zealand: An Exploratory Study Examining Volunteerism Through the Eyes of Secondary School Principals – Tania Jones, Karen Smith

Achieving Public Value in Human Services: Moving Beyond the Public Sector – David Gilchrist, Sarah Jefferson

Community Sector Advocacy for Progressive Housing Policy: A Balancing Act – Bridget Radford

Can a Faith-Based Public Benevolent Institution Have a Purpose of ‘Advancing Religion’? – Mark Fowler

2022 Volume 28 No 2 (December)

Individual Articles:

Editorial – Alexandra Williamson

Celebrating 30 Years of ANZSTR: The 2022 Conference Report – David Gilchrist

Book Review: 

Daniel Halliday & Matthew Harding (eds.) 2022. Charity Law: Exploring the Concept of Public Benefit. Routledge, 2022 – Natalie Silver

From the Field: 

Impactful Program Design: Lessons from Lived Experiences – Stacey Thomas

Social Change Making: Third Sector Partnerships with Parents with Lived Experience of Child Removal by Child Protection Authorities – Jessica Cook, Libby Cramer, Karen Wals

2022 Volume 28 No 1 (June)

Renae Barker

Derwent Coshott

Rosemary Teele Langford; Malcolm Anderson

Book Review

2021 Volume 27 No 2

David Gilchrist

Ettore de Lacerda Arpini; Camila Costa Dutra

Hui Jing

Justin Ira G. Ong; Jackson Juatco Tan

Book Review

John Godfrey

2021 Volume 27 No 1

Murray, Ian

2020 Volume 26 No 2

McGaughey, Fiona

2020 Volume 26 No 1

Gilchrist, David

Godfrey, John; Williamson, Alexandra

Kandaiya, Mahesan

Nguyen, Cathy; Faulkner, Margaret

Santuari, Alceste

Adams, Sarah; Kilcullen, Lydia; Callis, Zoe; Flatau, Paul

Murray, Ian

From the Field

Oslington, Paul


2019 Volume 25 No 2

Murray, Ian

Onyx, Jenny

Hawksley, Charles; Georgeou Nichole

Gurung, Supriya; Wali, Nidhi; Simmons, Olivia; Georgeou, Nichole

Cordery, Carolyn; Clarke, Kevin; Gilchrist, David; Sim, Dalice

Sakakibara, José; Kyriazis, Elias; Algie, Jennifer

Williamson, Alexandra; Luke, Belinda; Furneaux, Craig

Canoquena, João; Hasan, Zahid; Taggart, Jim

Paull, Megan; Clear,  Anne; Griffiths, Arthur; Holloway, David; Alamm, Manzurul

Lind, Andrew

From the Field

Commissioner Johns, Gary

Fr Lucas, Brian

Book Reviews

Cordery, Carolyn


2019 Volume 25 No 1

Scaife, Wendy; McGregor-Lowndes, Myles; Barraket, Jo; Burns, Wayne; McGaughey, Fiona

Crittall, Marie; McGregor-Lowndes, Myles; Conroy, Denise

Baker, Christopher; Crittall, Marie; Burns, Wayne; Foenander, Emily

Baker, Christopher; Barraket, Jo; Elmes, Aurora

Burns, Wayne; Rossi, Sari

Chandra, Yanto; Shang, Liang

Seibert, Krystian

Cordery, Carolyn


2018 Volume 24 No 2

Tanima, Farzana Aman; Hidayah, Nunung Nurul


Ranabahu, Nadeera; Moerman, Lee

Knowles, Gordon; Luke, Belinda

Godinho, Vinita; Eccles, Katheen; Thomas, Lauren

Chu, Vien; Luke, Belinda

Creedy, John; Hoang, Hien TT


2018 Volume 24 No 1

Smith, Karen

Aimers, Jenny; Walker, Peter

Ollerton, Janice; Dadich, Ann

Cordery, Carolyn; Sim, Dalice; Baskerville, Rachel

Mex, Christel

Edwards, Melissa; Yerbury, Hilary; Burridge, Nina

Goodwin, Susan; Voola, Archana Preeti; Voola, Ranjit


2017 Volume 23 No 2: ANZTSR Conference 2016 Special Issue

Smith, Karen; Cordery, Carolyn

Hall, Matthew

van Til, Jon

Onyx, Jenny; McLeod, Kenneth; Suhood, Tirrania; Ramzan, Asha

Muir, Kristy; Salignac, Fanny

Taylor, Sarah; Wright, Amy Conley

Connor, Megan; Yerbury, Hilary


2017 Volume 23 No 1

2016, Volume 22 No 2

2016, Volume 22 No 1

2015, Volume 21 No 2

2015, Volume 21 No 1

2014, Volume 20 No 2

2014, Volume 20 No 1

Special Feature: Papers from the 2013 National Conference on Volunteering

From the Field

2013, Volume 19 No 2

  2013, Volume 19 No 1

2012, Volume 18 No 2

2012, Volume 18 No 1

2011, Volume 17 No 2

2011,  Volume 17 No 1

2010,  Volume 16 No 3

2010,  Volume 16 No 2

2010,  Volume 16 No 1

2009, Volume 15 No 2

2009, Volume 15 No 1

From the Field

2008, Volume 14 No 2 – Special Issue: The Third Sector and Communication

2008, Volume 14 No 1

From the Field

Making Three into One:  The Story of a Merger in Response to Environmental Change Jo Baulderstone, Flinders University

2007, Volume 13 No 2 – SPECIAL ISSUE:  2006 ANZTSR Conference

2007, Volume 13 No 1

From the Field

2006, Volume 12  No 2 – SPECIAL ISSUE: Sport and the Third Sector

2006, Volume 12 No 1

2005, Volume 11 No 2 – SPECIAL ISSUE:  ANZTSR Conference 2004

From the Field

2005, Volume 11 No 1

2004, Volume 10  No 2 – SPECIAL ISSUE: Co-operatives, Co-operation and the Social Economy

2004,  Volume 10 No 1

2003, Volume 9 No 2 – SPECIAL ISSUE: Doing Third Sector Research

2003, Volume 9 No 1

2002, Volume 8 No 2

2002, Volume 8 No 1- SPECIAL ISSUE: Charity Law in the Pacific Rim

2001, Volume 7 No 2 – SPECIAL ISSUE: Third Sector as Voice

2001, Volume 7  No 1

2000, Volume 6 No 1/2 

  • Editorial Jenny Onyx, University of Technology,Sydney NSW
  • Powerful Friends:  The Institutionalisation of Corporate Accounting Practices in an Australian Religious / Charitable Organisation Helen Irvine, University of Wollongong, NSW
  • Social Trust and Women Volunteers:  Straddling the Public / Private Divide
    Christine Putland, Flinders University, SA

1999, Volume 5 No 2

From the Field 

  • HIV/AIDS Health Promotion: Strategic Development of “Gay Community” in the framework of the National Public Health Partnership
    Murray Couch, La Trobe University, Melbourne Gary Dowsett, La Trobe University, Melbourne David McInnes, University of Western Sydney, Nepean Jonathan Bollen, University of Western Sydney, Nepean Barry Edwards, Macquarie University, Sydney

1999, Volume 5  No 1

From the Field

1998, Volume 4 No 2 – SPECIAL ISSUE: Researching the Third Sector: International and Australian Perspectives

1998,  Volume 4 No 1

From The Field

1997, Volume 3 – SPECIAL ISSUE: Contracting For Care

  • Editorial Mark Lyons
  • Contracting for Care, What is it and What is at Issue? Mark Lyons
  • Contracting Community Services in Qld Neal Ryan
  • On the Starting Blocks of Contracting: Will NSW Take the Dive Rose-Lyn Melville and Julie Nyland
  • Playing a Symphony or Playing a Market?  A South Australian Perspective on Contracting For Care Jane Robbins
  • Surfing the Fad of Contracting:The Tasmanian Experience David Adams
  • Structuring Government/Community Sector Relations:  The Role of Service Agreements in Victoria Deirdre O’Neill
  • Preparing for Market: The State and Nonprofit Organisations in Western Australia Community Services Wendy Earles and Jeremy Moon
  • Commonwealth Caring:  Contracts and Quasi-Vouchers Mark Lyons
  • Contracting for Care: A Legal Overview David Melz
  • Contracting for Care: How much is There and is it the Way to Go? Mark Lyons

1997, Volume 3

 From the Field

  • Towards the Development of Accounting Standards for Nonprofit Organisations 
    Ted Flack, Brisbane; Peter Booth, University of Technology, Sydney

1996, Volume 2

1995,  Volume 1