Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Research lncorporated 9878036
Notice is hereby given that the annual general meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Research lncorporated will be held in the Board Room, School of Business, University of Notre Dame, Level2, 29
– 35 Shepherd Street, Chippendale NSW 2008 on 12 December 2017 at 12 noon (Sydney time).
Dial in / Skype details:

AGM Agenda

1. Welcome by Chairperson – Dr Jose Sakakibara
2. Members present – complete and sign Attendance Register
3. Apologies
4. Minutes of 20’16 Annual General Meeting
5. Business Arising from Minutes
6. Presentation and adoption of Reports:
6.’l Chairperson’s report (Jose Sakakibara)
6.2 Financial Report and Audited Financial Report (Margaret Spencer)
6.3 Journal Editor’s Report (Karen Smith, Carolyn Cordery)
7. Election of Committee of Office Bearers. There being three (3) vacancies for
Board positions, there will be an election if more than three people nominate. Please
see Nomination Form attached. Completed nominations and accompanying
candidate curriculum vitae forms MUST be received by the Hon. Secretary by 5 pm
on Friday 1 December 2017 by scan and email to
7. Other Business
8. Close

Voting by proxy
Each financial member may appoint a proxy to vote on behalf of that member at the annual general meeting. The proxy need not be a member. The Rules of the Association at Section 33 sets out the process to be followed to appoint a proxy are set out below.
A proxy appointment form is attached. This Proxy must be received by the Hon Secretary, ANZTSR 48 hours prior to the start of the AGM (that is, by 12 noon 10th December 2017) by scan and email to

33 Appointment of Proxiesr1 

(1)The instrument appointing a proxy shall be in writing under the hand of the appointor or of the appointer’s attorney duly authorised in writing or, if the appointor is a corporation, either under the seal or under the hand of an officer or attorney duly authorised. The instrument appointing a proxy shall be deemed to confer authority to demand or join in demanding a poll. A member shall be entitled to instruct their own proxy to vote in favour of or against any proposed resolutions. Unless otherwise instructed the proxy may vote as they think fit.

(2) The instrument appointing a proxy and the power of attorney or other authority, if any, under which it is signed or a notarially certified copy of the power of attorney shall be deposited at the principle place of business of the Association or at such other place that is specified for that purpose in the notice convening the meeting, not less than forty-eight hours before the time for the holding of the meeting or adjourned meeting at which the person named in the instrument proposes to vote. ln the case of a poll, not less than twenty-four hours before the time appointed for the taking of the poll. ln default the instrument of proxy shall be treated as valid.