Special 2021(1) Issue of Third Sector Review on ‘Charities & Crises: Impacts and Responses’

Third Sector Review is the peak interdisciplinary Australasian not-for-profit journal and is a recognised refereed journal for Australian ERA purposes and for PBRF Evidence Portfolios in New Zealand.

Recent times have witnessed a series of profound crises: health and economic (COVID-19), social (mosque shootings in New Zealand and Black lives matter protests) and environmental (Australian bushfires). These crises are causing material disruption to the way that charities raise revenue and carry out their activities. This poses both challenges and opportunities for funders, charities and regulators. How have giving patterns changed in response? Is there a need for greater consumer protection for emotive crowd-funding responses to severe crises? How should managers of charities deal with the financial uncertainty and change?

Articles examining charities and crises – broadly conceived as set out above – are welcomed from different disciplinary perspectives including law, psychology, history, business and political science.

Please submit your article to editor@anztsr.org.au by 22 February 2021.

Aims and Scope

Third Sector Review has been publishing research for 25 years. Articles address characteristics of the third sector or any aspect of its management, including governance, human resource management, the labour market, financial management, strategic management and managing change, community development, fund-raising, user rights, relations with government, legal issues and historical development.

The Review is explicitly cross-disciplinary, with both theoretical and empirical papers invited from a range of disciplines and fields of practice in the third sector. Critiques of existing theory or practice are invited. Contributions are encouraged from both practitioners and academics on third sector issues of interest to those in Australia, New Zealand and our Pacific neighbours. While there must be some relevance to those jurisdictions, papers on issues of global and regional relevance are strongly encouraged.


The Review is published twice a year, in June and December and submissions are welcomed on a rolling basis. A subscription is part of ANZTSR’s membership benefits. See: https://www.anztsr.org.au/third-sector-review/

Editors (contact at editor@anztsr.org.au):  

Guidelines for Contributors

Explaining complex concepts concisely is prized and papers should be between 4,000 and 6,000 words in length.

More details are provided on the Review’s website: https://www.anztsr.org.au/third-sector-review/. In brief, papers should be written in a jargon-free, non-technical style accessible to managers, workers and board members of third sector profit organisations, and to academic researchers, teachers and students from a variety of disciplines. Papers are subject to rigorous peer review, normally by two independent reviewers.