15th ANZTSR Conference: Call for Abstracts
Date: 18 and 19 November 2022

Hybrid Format: Attend In-Person (University of Western Australia Perth) or Virtually

Theme: The Role of the Third Sector in Creating Public Good

At a time of great social and economic upheaval the role of the Third Sector in pursuing the public good is vital. The conference seeks to tease out what is unique about the ways the Third Sector pursues that public good. For instance, what place does political advocacy by third sector organisations have in supporting civic participation and democracy; do current marketization and corporatisation trends help or hinder third sector organisations; do philanthropic settings best support third sector organisations; what role is played by volunteers and what should we expect of those volunteers?

Abstracts examining the role of the third sector in creating public good – broadly conceived as set out above – are welcomed from different disciplinary perspectives including law, religion, psychology, history, business, sociology and political science.

The second day of the conference will also involve workshops with international and local convenors.

Abstract Format:

  • 400 words max
  • On a topic that can be developed into a paper supporting a 20 minute presentation plus 10 minutes of questions.

Due Date for First Call for Abstracts: 3 December 2021

Abstracts must be submitted electronically here https://app.oxfordabstracts.com/stages/3389/submitter