What is ANZTSR?

Launched in 1993, The Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Research Inc is a network of people pursuing and encouraging research into private, not-for-profit, community or voluntary organisations and the activities of volunteering and philanthropy.




The Third Sector is widely recognized as playing a significant role in policy and service governance, development and social justice in Australia and New Zealand.

The ANZTSR is at the forefront of advancing knowledge about the third sector as it supports, encourages and disseminates research from scholars and practitioner researchers in Australia and New Zealand. Membership in ANZTSR is the best way for researchers and practitioners to keep abreast of changes and participate in a dialogue with others with similar and complementary interests.

ANZTSR is not only an indispensable professional asset for scholars and practitioner researchers – it also promotes positive social change through the exchange of ideas and through associational solidarity.

Your membership is vital to the continuing growth of Third Sector research.