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Third Sector Review

ANZTSR’s journal is Third Sector Review (TSR). It is a refereed academic journal recognised by the Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations in Australia (DEEWR) and listed in Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA) listings.

It publishes research addressing characteristics of the third sector or any aspect of its management, including governance, human resource management, the labour market, financial management, strategic management and managing change, community development, fund-raising, user rights, relations with government, legal issues, historical development, etc.

TSR is published twice a year, in May and November. A subscription is part of ANZTSR’s membership benefits – see our Membership Registration  section.

Editors (contact at tsr-editors@vuw.ac.nz):  
Carolyn Cordery
, PhD, MCA, BBS, FCA, FCPA - Associate Professor, School of Accounting and Commercial Law - Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
Karen A. Smith, 
PhD, BSocSc - Professor Tourism Management, School of Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

·      Aims and scope

·      Guidelines for Contributors

·      Call for Papers

·      Past issues


Aims and Scope

TSR is explicitly cross-disciplinary, with both theoretical and empirical papers invited from a range of disciplines and fields of practice in the third sector. Critiques of existing theory or practice are invited. Contributions are encouraged from both practitioners and academics on third sector issues of interest to those in Australia, New Zealand and our Pacific neighbours.

Coverage of the journal includes characteristics of the third sector or any aspect of its management, particularly:

There is a special ‘From the Field’ section and occasional book reviews.


Guidelines for Contributors

Papers should be written in a jargon-free, non-technical style accessible to managers, workers and board members of non-profit organisations, and to academic researchers, teachers and students from a variety of disciplines. Papers are subject to rigorous peer review, normally by two independent reviewers. A blind review process is adopted. For that reason, authors should indicate their names and affiliations on a separate page.

Authors should also include a brief abstract (100 words) and up to five keywords. Papers should be between 4000 and 6000 words in length, in 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced and with 2.5-cm margins. Please use minimal formatting and styles; indicate headings through the use of CAPITALS, bold and italics. Authors should submit an electronic version of their paper in Microsoft Word format or Rich Text Format (RTF). If any images are used, please ensure that the full image file (jpeg or tiff) is supplied separately. Where quotations are more than 40 words, they should be indented, justified and set in italics, with the source following directly. Single quotation marks are to be used throughout the text, with double quotation marks within single when needed.

Citations: The Harvard style of referencing is used, with endnotes kept to a minimum.
Examples: (Lyons 1999); (Lyons 1999: 20); (Lyons 1998a, 1998b); (Onyx & Bullen 1998). If there are three or more authors, use the form: (McDonald et al. 1998). List multiple references in ascending chronological order: (McDonald et al. 1998; Onyx & Bullen 1998; Lyons 1999).

References: List in alphabetical order by the first author’s surname. List multiple references by the same author chronologically, the earliest first, with the author’s name repeated. Refer to the following examples, including the punctuation and capitalisation.

Book: Verba, S., Scholzman, K. & Brady, H. (1995) Voice and Equality: Civic voluntarism in American politics. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Book chapter: James, E. (1987) The Nonprofit Sector in Comparative Perspective. In W. W. Powell (ed.), The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook: 397–415. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Journal article: Lyons, M. (1997) Contracting for Care: What is it and what is at issue? Third Sector Review, 3 (Special Issue): 5–21.

Working paper: Onyx, J. & Bullen, P. (1998) Measuring Social Capital in Five Communities in NSW: An analysis. CACOM Working Paper No. 41. Sydney: CACOM, University of Technology, Sydney.

Editorial correspondence and manuscript submissions should be directed to:

Carolyn Cordery, PhD, MCA, BBS, FCA, FCPA - Associate Professor, School of Accounting and Commercial Law - Victoria University, PO Box 600, Wellington 6140, New Zealand - email: Carolyn.Cordery@vuw.ac.nz or Karen A Smith, PhD - Associate Professor Tourism Management, School of Management, Victoria University, PO Box 600, Wellington 6140, New Zealand - email: Karen.Smith@vuw.ac.nz

Back Issues of the TSR:  email: anztsr@anztsr.org